As a consequence of skilled workers and efficient & state of the art processing unit, it enables us to implement International quality control procedures for manufacturing the quality products of Himalayan salt.

The workforce

We believe that a company is as good as its workforce is. That is why we have recruited the best craftsmen and professionals available resulting in quality products according to the needs of our clients and market. As we have our own mining units, it gives us complete control over the entire process starting from the extraction to production.

What we offer?

The salt products we offer can be used for cooking, décor purposes, and for enjoying health benefits . We are proud to offer products that reflect the culture and value of communities. We use the latest mining methodologies for extracting the purest quality of salt and offer it for sale to let people enjoy the benefits of nature.


Founded not long ago, MAI Pak Himalayan Salt craft mission is to expand health benefits that come from the use of natural salt. Mr. Saad Abid Pagganwala, CEO of MAI Pak Himalayan Salt, has started this establishment to increase the awareness of Himalayan Rock Salt Products from Pakistan. “We are rich in natural rock salt resources and Himalayan salt products that possess the magical healing powers” says CEO, Mr.Saad Abid Pagganwala.


Salt is among the essential components in our life and our body requires consumption of it in appropriate portions. Himalayan salt comes with the minerals that are beneficial for us. So it is about guiding people and making them experience the remarkable health benefits that comes from the use of natural rock salt. It is to enhance the health and well-being and to bring them closer to the use of natural products in life.